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Whether you’re investing for retirement, planning for a child’s education, saving for a building project or simply looking for a more attractive return on your investment, our investments are strong and secure and create peace of mind for struggling ministries.

Help us create strong ministries and make it possible for them to be a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world.

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Plan your retirement with Disciples Church Extension Fund.

You work hard. And, you want your money to work hard for you. Disciples Church Extension Fund offers a variety of retirement investment options, including Traditional and Roth IRAs, and decades of expertise and proven resources to help you build that nest egg for your family’s retirement.

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Why invest with Disciples Church Extension Fund?

A shared faith

While other financial institutions focus on benefiting shareholders, DCEF uses the money you invest in a socially responsible way, to provide loans and other services that strengthen congregational mission and ministries. In other words, your money is working to further our common values and benefit the Church you love.

Long-standing history

For more than 135 years, Disciples Church Extension Fund has been an investing choice for socially responsible Disciples, with more than 2,000 individual and 800 congregations/organizations currently investing with us. Investors have earned positive returns every year since 1933. As with any investment, past performance does not guarantee future returns. Our Offering Circular provides extensive information about DCEF’s financial strength and integrity.

Our expertise

Investor Services provides dependable customer service to Disciples Church Extension Fund investors and administers DCEF’s Securities compliance operations. Our current team offers more than 25 years combined experience of financial and investor relations. The team holds IRA Services Professional certification and is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Our personal service

We love being on a first-name basis with you! While you can securely manage and conduct most of your investment transactions online—including automatic payment withdrawal—highly qualified DCEF investor relations staff members are only a phone call away. They can answer your questions and walk you through any transactions you’d like to make. Many of our investors stop by our office or find us at events to discuss their investments with us face-to-face.


When markets present rate volatility, DCEF’s One Time Step-Up Feature enables you to upgrade to current interest rates for the remaining time on your original Investment Note term. This feature is available one time per Note on some Investment products. See the Offering Circular for details.

Many choices, one stop

Looking for more attractive rates of return? Saving for retirement or a child or grandchild’s education? Our socially responsible Investment Notes put your money to work for a specific timeframe with a fixed interest rate OR give you the flexibility to add or withdraw funds while your interest rate moves with our loan rates. DCEF’s Traditional and Roth IRAs are excellent options to grow your retirement nest egg. Our Education Growth Notes can help you save for a child’s education, while our Kid Builder Notes can teach children the value of stewardship, as they help to strengthen our Church.

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Hear from our investors

“Our congregation had funds that we wanted to ensure were not only protected but could also further the mission and ministry of the Christian Church, and we found that the options offered to us at DCEF were exactly what we were looking for! We can rest easy knowing our church assets are protected and growing while also helping others follow God’s call.”

Dustin Hite
Bargersville, IN

Dave Hedgepeth Family

“We invest with Disciples Church Extension Fund, not only because we know that the funds will help resource loans for existing Disciples congregations for their capital projects, but as Great Commission Partners, we know that our earnings from those invested funds mean we are actively living out the Great Commission to help start new churches for generations to come.”

Monica Hardcastle and Dave Hedgepeth

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