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Empower your ministry with capital fundraising guidance from DCEF.

Disciples Church Extension Fund knows thriving congregations often need to raise funds for a specific purpose. That’s why our advisors are specially trained to provide expert guidance on capital fundraising campaigns that can help you meet your church’s needs—now and in the future. On average, congregations working with DCEF raise more than 95 percent of their capital fundraising goals. And that can make a huge difference in the overall success of your ministry. If you have the vision, we’re here to help make it a reality.

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DCEF provides the know-how you need to execute a successful capital fundraising campaign.


What’s your purpose and vision? How does it relate to your ministry? Remember that people donate to a cause or vision, not to a capital campaign.


What’s the specific project you’re raising money for? Is it for a new building? Or the renovation of an existing facility? Maybe it’s to reduce debt. Whatever the reason, it’s important to clearly communicate the need and how it benefits your ministry.

Campaign theme

How does your theme reflect your ministry and the project overall? And how will your congregation connect to this theme? Having a theme that strikes a chord with your church members is crucial to your campaign’s success.

Campaign timing

A capital fundraising campaign can take up to 12 weeks to complete, so be sure to consider where it best fits into your church calendar. You’re likely to raise more money when there are fewer competing campaigns or priorities for your congregation.

Campaign goal

Setting an appropriate fundraising goal is important. It needs to be just right—not too high or too low. A DCEF advisor can help you set an achievable goal based on several internal and external factors.


Setting a suitable campaign goal can be tough. We can help.

A Disciples Church Extension Fund advisor can help you visualize and set the right fundraising goal based on several key factors, including:

  • Participating membership
  • Average worship attendance
  • Offering income
  • Number of giving units
  • Financial position of your congregation
  • Local economy and recent capital campaigns
  • Perceived needs met by the project
  • Congregational conflict
  • Campaign leadership

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“Our capital campaign was very successful. We highly recommend Disciples Church Extension Fund’s services to churches that want to raise capital for any reason.”

Johnny and Jackie Griffin
Co-chairs, First Christian Church,
Stillwater, OK