Invest FAQ

How is Disciples Church Extension Fund different from other financial institutions?

While other financial institutions focus on the interests of their shareholders, our investments are driven by our shared faith. Your investments mean valuable dollars are available to make loans to congregations and Disciples ministries. You earn returns on your investments, knowing that your money is working to further our common values.

Is Disciples Church Extension Fund experienced?

Disciples Church Extension Fund has been the lending and investing choice for Disciples since 1883. More than 2,000 individual and 800 organizations currently invest with us. Since 1933, when Disciples Church Extension Fund began offering Investment Notes to congregations and organizations, investors have earned positive returns every year. Our Offering Circular is a great resource for information regarding the financial strength of Disciples Church Extension Fund. As with any investment, past performance does not guarantee future returns.

Who will assist me with my investments?

Investor Services provides dependable customer service to Disciples Church Extension Fund investors and administers DCEF’s Securities compliance operations. Our current team offers more than 25 years combined experience of financial and investor relations. The team holds IRA Services Professional certification and is fluent in both English and Spanish.

What type and rates of Notes does Disciples Church Extension Fund offer?

Disciples Church Extension Fund offers a variety of Investment Notes to meet your specific needs. They are:

What methods of payment can I use?

Checks, automatic withdrawal, and in most states, your credit card.

Can I access my information online?

Yes, you have secure access to view your Notes online. Sign in to your current account or set up new online access.

How do I reset my login password?

Resetting your login password is a simple process. Follow this link to reset your login access, as well as sign in.

The information on our website does not constitute an offer to sell or a request to buy investments. The offer is made only in the Offering Circular. Before making any decisions, you should read the Offering Circular carefully regarding any investment risks.