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Let DCEF be your partner on your next church capital campaign.

Deciding to raise money for a specific church need begins with a clear call to purpose. What is God’s call to your congregation in fulfilling the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ? Disciples Church Extension Fund helps congregations answer this call by providing capital campaign support. Members of your congregation lead the church capital campaign, while we provide counsel in the form of advice, training and campaign resources.

Our capital campaign philosophy

Achieve your goal faster by involving your entire congregation

Early on in a capital campaign, it’s essential to involve and educate as many members of your congregation as possible. This engagement increases the sense of ownership and allows members to see how they connect to your ministry. All members—including youth—deserve the opportunity to make a financial commitment based on their ability. Appointing a committee to monitor pledges and provide follow-up during the campaign payout period can be valuable toward achieving your goals. And because 50 to 75 percent of your total goal generally comes from 20 percent of those making a pledge, encouraging major pledges throughout the campaign is important.

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