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Considering church relocation? DCEF can help decide where's right.

Sometimes, it becomes clear to a congregation that something has changed. Maybe God’s calling on the church’s mission has evolved, or their vision no longer fits the community surrounding their building. Or, the building is just too big, too inaccessible, or too costly to maintain. Perhaps visibility is limited because city development did not move as expected and a church is too “off the beaten path.” If any of these scenarios apply to your congregation, it may be time to think about church relocation.

Disciples Church Extension Fund (DCEF) and Hope Partnership Services have teamed up to provide a package of services designed to assist congregations with relocating their ministry to a place that’s right and in the right place.

The relocation service is a bundle of multiple services designed to help your congregation:

  • Develop a transition plan for moving from your present place
  • Determine what locations will provide the best ministry fit for your vision
  • Craft a ministry plan that suits the new location
  • Find an affordable site within the area where you feel called to do ministry
  • Secure any needed funding for the relocation
  • Purchase, build, rent, lease or otherwise obtain a new place for ministry
  • Plan and implement the actual move

In most cases, the relocation service will involve a series of conversations and consultations with your core planning team (which includes the pastor(s) and board chair), representatives from DCEF and Hope Partnership, a realtor, and the Regional or Area Minister.

A modest financial charge will be applied to some services.

Thinking about relocation for your church? We can help.

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