Disciples Church Extension Fund

INDIANAPOLIS (April 5, 2019) – The boards of Disciples Church Extension Fund (DCEF), Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation (Hope Partnership), and Church Extension Financial and Missional Resources (CEFMR) gathered the second week of March for their semi-annual meeting.

In addition to the usual committee meetings, board orientation presentations and breakout sessions, the gathering featured several highlights, including the approval of four new staff officers.

Belinda R. King was named Vice President of Disciples Church Extension Fund. She had previously served as Assistant Vice President working as one of four DCEF Building and Capital Services Advisors, a group she will now lead.

Rhonda J. Hopewell was promoted to Vice President of Church Extension Financial & Missional Resources and her areas of focus will be Administration, Human Resources and Lending. Rhonda has served in several positions through her long employment with the organization, most recently as Director of Loan Services and Paralegal.

Theresa M. Schneider was made Corporate Secretary of Church Extension Financial & Missional Resources. She previously served the organization in several positions, including Executive Assistant to the President of DCEF, a role in which she will continue.

And, Christopher M. Clark was named Assistant Treasurer and Assistant Secretary of Church Extension Financial & Missional Resources. He previously served as Director of Investor Services and Securities Compliance.

Other highlights of the two-day meeting included celebratory recognition of long-term Church Extension Financial & Missional Resource employees who are retiring this year. After 39 years of service in various roles Ellen Mitchell, COO and Corporate Secretary for DCEF and Hope Partnership, worked her last day on Friday, March 29. And, Mary Beight, DCEF and Hope Partnership Vice President, Treasurer and Assistant Secretary will retire June 4 after an amazing 50 years of service.

At lunch on Monday, directors and staff were treated to a long-distance presentation by Rvdo. Miguel A Morales Castro, Pastor General of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Puerto Rico who showed a video of the people and projects dedicated to re-building after the devastation of Hurricane Maria. The video was produced specifically to thank Rick Reisinger, DCEF President, and DCEF Directors and staff for their on-going financial commitment and continuing partnership.

At lunch on Tuesday, Hope Partnership President Gilberto Collazo honored departing Director Candyce Black-Wells (GA) for six years of service to the board, presenting her with both a certificate and chalice. As always, Tuesday’s session ended with a closing communion presided over by CEFMR Chair Don Dewey (CA).



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