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Discover how your congregation can be a place of transformation with an Epiphany assessment from Hope Partnership

Ready to inspire transformation in your congregation and community? During the one+ year Epiphany process, your congregation’s leaders will shift the focus from “what” you are doing to “why.” By finding clarity on why you exist, your congregation will discover innovative ways to do ministry and transform your community.

Sustainable, thriving congregations share in common a clear sense of purpose and a deep understanding of community and context. Epiphany is not a church growth program, even though many churches grow as a result of engaging with the process. It is a leader development process that may lead to church growth or transformation depending on the work of the leaders of the congregation. The approach redirects the focus of leaders toward the adaptive questions that lead to deeper insight and clarity of purpose.

In addition to New Beginnings, Hope Partnership Services offers New Beginnings, which is designed for the congregation unsure of its future. Take our survey to find out which service is the best fit for you!

Ready to transform your ministry? Hope Partnership Services can help.

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