Disciples Church Extension Fund

After being away from our buildings for months during this pandemic, we now have the opportunity to get a new perspective on them. Your financial people may remark that your utility and maintenance bills dropped without visitors needing these creature comforts. You may actually see what it costs in electricity to keep the lights on, or in gas or oil to heat the space. These numbers will be surprising to some and scary to others. The costs of maintaining a church building can be staggering and, for some congregations, crippling.

The question then arises “How can we reduce these costs?” That is where the Building Evaluation service offered by Disciples Church Extension Fund (DCEF) can help. Now is the perfect time to assess your building’s condition, energy usage, and potential for ‘right-sizing’ its space. Are your light fixtures pulling money away from your outreach programs because they aren’t energy efficient? Is your heating system so outdated that you can no longer find parts for it? Do you have holes or gaps in your building that let outside air and unwanted guests in and conditioned air out? These are all things that not only affect our comfort but also our ability to conduct the ministry we feel called to do.

Building Evaluation can help a congregation as it continues into the ‘new normal’ of worship post-pandemic. It serves to educate your membership and, if done in conjunction with DCEF’s building planning guide, helps determine whether your building is helping or hindering your church’s mission within its community.

To learn more about DCEF’s facility-related services, including Building Evaluation and Building Planning, click here.

To learn more about DCEF’s building-related loans, including Accessibility Loans and Green Loans, click here.

Or, call 1-800-274-1883 to consult with your region’s DCEF Building and Capital Services Advisor.



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