Your Guide in a Changing World

Current events have reshaped the landscape for Disciples ministries. Yet, by helping you identify and leverage your resources for mission, (Your People, Your Property, Your Finances), Disciples Church Extension Fund (DCEF) guides you back to the sweet spot for mission. 

Visit our Exhibit Hall Booth, participate in our workshops, and attend the DCEF Dinner on Sat., July 29, as DCEF helps your congregation find “New Ways into the World.” 


With workshops from DCEF, church leaders from across the life of the church can enrich their knowledge while connecting with others at the 2023 General Assembly who are curious about the same topic.

The workshops for General Assembly are organized around three tracks that tie into the theme Kindom of God, Within Us, Among Us: Within Us track, Among Us track and Goodness Abroad track. The Within Us track focuses on affirmations of faith, music and theology and practices that sustain faith. The Among Us track focuses community engagement, best practices in hybrid worship and connecting to our neighbors in our community. The Goodness Abroad track focuses on our service with neighbors, exploration of difference and exploring our identity as Disciples in the world.

DCEF Advisor Gilberto Collazo leads you to the intersection of your assets: financial, building, and the rich resource of your faithful people — so you can channel those assets into your congregation’s unique call to ministry in this new context for mission. Learn more

With DCEF Advisors Richard Williams and Rosario Ibarra, explore lessons learned by congregations that see their building as much more than a weekly gathering place. Learn how to shift your building from an anchor to a launch pad for ministry in a pandemic-informed context. Learn more

DCEF Advisor Jim Michel teams up with fellow Advisor Brock McCracken to apply the lessons learned from disaster recovery to a ministry’s rebirth and renewal in a pandemic-informed context. Learn more

Through the collaboration of New Church Ministry, the OGMP, and the College of Regional Ministers, comes new church ministry’s reboot for a changing world. Rev. Dr. Jose Martinez, transitional New Church Minister, presents DisciplesNEXT: the framework for starting new faith communities as a “Movement for Wholeness” in a pandemic-informed world. Learn more

Meals and Events

Ministries and organizations will hold various meals and events throughout our time in Louisville, including DCEF. Meals may be purchased in the Registration process. If you need to add meals AFTER you have completed your registration, you will need to access your registration profile to do so.


Co-Pastors Dawn and Joe Weaks share how their congregation transformed an aging ministry into a vital new expression of God’s love in the community. Receive our gift, a copy of Dawn’s new book Breakthrough: Trusting God for Big Change in Your Church. Hear an important announcement about DCEF’s plans to help fund ministries like yours. Learn more

After Session Reception

Welcome a historic class of five new general ministry presidents — including three new leaders of color — called since the last General Assembly. Learn more

Interested in attending General Assembly?